Life Launch Testimonials

Here are some people that have experienced Life Launch and what they have to say…

Without knowing it, my thoughts sabotaged my progress in all areas of life.  Through Mike’s support and following the Life Launch program, I can honestly say my anxiety – which has been crippling despite taking action to manage – has become virtually nonexistent!  My fear of public speaking has significantly decreased to the point where I look forward to sharing my views in a group.  I’m incredibly optimistic about my life vs. feeling like a passive observer of things just “happening” to me.  I’m forever grateful for this program and can’t say enough about Mike’s positive and patient approach to supporting me throughout the process. – Brian O’Conner, Executive, Former USMC leader.

            When Mike first introduced me to his program “Life Launch” I was frustrated with life, felt stuck, and it seemed I was in a continuous pattern of just going through the motions of my life. I was without direction, and more importantly, had no idea how to change that.

            Mike taught me how to take charge of my life. I have learned how to create and achieve goals, how to prepare for and handle difficult situations, and to find value in myself. My self-esteem and self-worth has grown exponentially. Halfway through the program I ended my employment of 10 years and quickly increased my income by 50%.

            My relationship with my wife and son has greatly improved as a direct result of completing Life Launch. I am a man with values, boundaries, and integrity today, which has not always been the case.

            I am much more clear about what I want from this life and now have the tools to make it happen. Making the decision to participate in the Life Launch program has been the single best gift I have given myself in my adult life. I am so grateful for Mike and Life Launch! – Jabin McDonald, Design Build Pre-Construction Executive.

            A friend recommend I speak with Mike months before I began “Life Launch”. I was stuck in a place of disappointment from life, and in self. It seemed the higher I set expectations for myself the more I was failing. My goal was to find peace within myself and to begin living a more prosperous life, abundantly happy!! I approached Mike Pugh only having been acquainted once or twice before. He was kind and simply asked me one question. ” Was I ready”? With all the eagerness and determination inside of me, I replied, “YES”! “Life Launch” has been the best personal investment I have made. Not only has it given me tools to use, it has completely rewired the way I think. The Possibilities are infinite! I am no longer trapped by my old belief systems that told me lies about myself and that I was not good enough! Mike shared from experience how he too found himself stuck in old patterns that prevented him from greatness, he told me that he had the “how” now and was living a life beyond his wildest dreams, and used the word AMAZING so often that I just needed to know more!!

            These last 3 months have been just that; AMAZING!! Let me share just a few of the things that have made me so very hopeful and a changed person. One: Mike began the process with a very safe way of communication. We talked on the phone and via text and email which for me allowed me to express myself quite openly. Each week I was given a new focus and assignment! It never seemed hard nor painful. It was like I couldn’t wait to receive the next present! The next gift that would help me discover all this potential within me! Really I think that is where it begins! With gratitude! Today I value myself and each day I am becoming this woman who has confidence and a set of interwoven, interchangeable solid values!! I guess what I can say most about “Life Launch” is this; There is no more room for negativity and drama in my life. I feel more centered and my attitudes and beliefs are shifting every day. My relationships have either been restored or redefined in a completely different way, mostly, by the way I approach them. I still have 3 weeks to complete my program but can honestly say from my heart this program is a game changer, and I am so very grateful I have been blessed by this opportunity for growth towards an amazing me! – Stacey Bowers, Aspiring Superstar.

            The enthusiasm Mike shows for humans is endearing. He is a transparent, powerful and genuine person who walks the talk. His zest for positive growth in individuals is contagious and he sparks those he leads to actively pursue their higher purpose in life. I have had many interactions with Mike and I am proud to know him, inspired by him and blessed to be included in the Life Launch and Above all Adventures engagements. – Katie Warner, Performance Excellence, Dignity Health.

            Prior to starting life launch I was in a very stuck place.   Hadn’t set goals for quite some time, wanted to make a change but couldn’t quite figure out how and had old tapes playing in my head.   The life launch program helped me with some much needed rewiring of my thinking, helped me to get my vision back and set goals and to get unstuck!!   One of the most invaluable tools I have taken away from the program and continue to do today is my daily gratitude, daily affirmation and daily value setting. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go through this program and will hopefully be able to share this with others. – Tiffany Cordrey, RN

            “Life Launch” has been a game changer for me and my outlook on life.  The tools that I have learned are indispensable.  For example, the week where I played out my own funeral and what I wanted people to say about me, was powerful.  It allowed me to look at my own behavior.  Second, the week where I wrote down on a piece of wood the worst thing in this world that bothered me and I wrote down “God, please take away my pain in my legs and feet.”  Then, I took a hammer and smashed the wood as hard as I could.  At first, I was afraid to allow my body to act in such an aggressive manner.  But, after I mustered the courage, I let it go. Boy, was that a relief.  It immediately took the power out of it and my feelings felt amazing. So, my overall experience with Mikes program was remarkable.  These were just a few of the steps taken each week.  All weeks of the program had an impact on my behavior.  I am amazed at the program that Mike has created.   He enjoys helping others and Life Launch is an example of the incredible work that he has created to change the lives of others.  So, give it a chance and it will change your life too. – Artha Dutcher Pugh

            I met Mike Pugh not quite by accident at a dinner my friend Dani invited me to approximately six months ago.  I had also met Dani prior not quite by accident when she happened to call and ask if she could come into my office. For some time, I had been looking for something new as far as “life practice” and someone to offer some mentorship. Mike offered just that and I readily accepted.

In both my business and personal life I believe I have been successful and met and exceeded many goals and milestones. Lately I have needed more encouragement and something different to make more change. Mike’s program and his personal time along with other members of “Life Launch” have helped me with my enthusiasm and for that to really make a difference! I highly recommend Mike and his program -In less than a year it has changed my attitude, thinking and life! – Jeffrey Weisberger, Real Estate and Behavioral Health Entrepreneur.

            I am grateful for my experience with Life Launch. Mike’s courage and commitment to others is evident. This program focuses on solutions to help us change the way we think, act, feel and speak about others, but more importantly, ourselves. Getting perspective from the training Mike has been working on for years has helped every aspect of my life. – Scott Pugh, CEO Cascade Auto Solutions.

            Life Launch has been an amazing part of my life since I started in November 2018.  I am typically a glass half full kind of person, always pretty happy, and thinking I was okay.  After all, I have a chiropractic practice in my hometown for over 18 years, I am a 17-year member of Rotary, I’ve been President of my Rotary Club as well as the Local Chiropractic Association, and have been on the board of directors for many other local non-profits.   However, I really wasn’t okay.  I was struggling with many aspects in my life. Mainly, my self-esteem, which affects my work, my friendships, my colleagues, and the worst my own family. I just wasn’t happy with my perception of my life. I needed a change!  I’ve been friends with Mike Pugh (Founder of Life Launch) for over 40 years, and have seen his ups and downs over his lifetime.  Seeing where he is, compared to where he was, well, you know the saying “I wanna be like Mike?”  Well, yes, “I WANNA BE LIKE MIKE!!!”  Feeling my own insecurities, and seeing Mike’s travels and commitment to a great life, I reached out to him.  Thankfully, we connected, and he shared Life Launch with me.  Life Launch has helped me understand that life has many ups and downs.  The past, which many people think of as their story, is just a memory, some good, and some bad, but it’s just a memory.  The future is what you, or I make of it.  NOW, When I come up against a situation that I would usually react to angrily, or self-consciously, I am NOW able to change my way of thinking. I haven’t seen my million-dollar fortune come in YET, however, my mindset has changed immensely. Life Launch gives you tools to look at life with a whole new perspective, and gives you the tools to create anything you wish, it’s all up to you!!! Thanks to Mike Pugh and Life Launch. – George Wagner, Dr. of Chiropractic.

            Some things that I really enjoyed about Mike’s Life Launch program was the step by step process that allowed for the unfolding of growth. The tools support my recovery and are available to access any time I need them. The exercises are just that, exercise. I believe they are meant to stimulate personal growth and not just growth, but an evolution. I certainly use them in my day to day and value the times that Mike has been available for support. – Alyson Good

            Life Launch has helped me to have gratitude each day through the process of checking in with the group. The Life Wheel has helped tremendously with getting balance in my life. Because of Life Launch, I have gained tools to deal with negative thoughts and change them to positive thoughts. I have learned that I truly have worth and am better able to live life to its fullest. I highly recommend Life Launch to anyone who wants to change their life in a positive way. – Jeannie Matousek, Administrative Assistant, CSP Sac-Folsom

            Life Launch has given me a platform for self-exploration and has encouraged healing and inner growth, and the re-building of my self-esteem. Like most programs you get what you put in – I put my heart and soul into doing Life Launch and it has been life changing. Life launch helped me open into the amazing person I already was. – John Sorg, Project Manager