Life Launch

Have you ever felt anxious, overwhelmed, worried, stressed, fearful, lonely, depressed or suicidal? Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol or work or shopping or food or…? Do you have problems with anger, self-esteem, relationships, finances, work/bosses or any other multitude of problems that seem out of control? Do you feel if you could just get a handle on it, it could change but you don’t know where to start? Has your thinking been plagued with negative focus, unmet expectations, selfishness, doubt, blame, stress, procrastination, resentment or fear?

            One of the biggest issues with today’s society is the issue of seeing things in black and white. It doesn’t allow us to see the immense area of gray in-between. When it comes to mental health, addiction, work, stress, financial situations and relationships, if we aren’t locked away in an asylum, we think we aren’t that bad. If we are not living on the streets, we still are better than “them”. If we are only yelling at our family, but not physically hurting them, it’s ok… I’ll get help when it gets bad. If only…, if they… if this… would change… life would be different. There is an entire area in between the black and white area where 99% of us live with varying degrees of problems and issues – no two people are alike. What if a symptom, at any degree that lies in the gray area is stopping us from living life to the fullest? What if you are not alone and discover that millions of people have these same issues and live in the gray area as well?

            Well, I know how it feels to be lost in the black and white thinking. I know how it is to be so lonely and tired that I quit. I quit life. I abandoned my family. I sunk into a bottomless pit of alcohol and drugs. My relationships were a mess, there was no one left that I hadn’t pushed away. I felt so much shame and guilt about not being perfect or being good enough. I often compared myself to other people and wondered how they did life. Why was it easy for them? My finances were a joke. I was so afraid of what people thought of me that I would lie and tell people I was fine! I was so depressed and anxious that I didn’t know what to do. I sunk further and further down until I was so full of personal disgust and anger that I was ready to end it, when I cried out for help. I was done trying to figure this out alone! I accepted help. So I understand.

            Life Launch is a program that I created after 20 years of learning how to live. I started by getting clean and sober, then I read books, I sought information, I got mentors and coaches and slowly started following their directions and getting results slowly. I was reminded early on in this new journey that it took me 36 years to mess up my life to the point I had. It was not going to change overnight. But if I did the things these people suggested, they promised me I could rebuild my life and change. And I did.

            Would you like to discover the truth about yourself, find your true purpose and passion, to learn how to design a life based on habits, beliefs and values, to have integrity with your word, to find and keep healthy relationships, to rebuild families, to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, worry and loneliness? If you would like to build a secure financial and successful work history and actually love your life, then Life Launch is a program that can help you create this for you and your family. It is a 90-day program that gives you my toolbox for living that I have used over the last 20 years to become who I am today. You have to do the work, but you are not alone. I am on a mission to show you the path. Are you ready? Are you willing to work so that you change for the better? Are you excited to have a way to finally discover your true purpose and passion? I can help. What do you want?

There are 3 ways to access the Life Launch Guide.

  1. Purchase E-book only
  2. Purchase E-book as an email program working with me via email over 12 weeks. Increases accountability and processes with feedback and direction.
  3. Purchase E-book with one on one coaching via weekly coaching calls and in-depth facilitation. I have many more tricks and life hacks to share in this process as well as walking through each week of the 12 weeks with me personally.

To find out more, including pricing, send email to or call (530) 852-2128