What is Life Launch?

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Life Launch started from a desire to build something that could help others while allowing me to build up Above All Adventures so that we can get back to helping young people and now adults, find a way to discover their purpose and passion through outdoor adventure. What started as a way to help an adult friend find their purpose, turned into something quite incredible in that they told two friend and they told two friends and we ended up with a very successful test group that filled my soul with joy in the fact that this process that I have followed over the past 15-20 years was extremely valuable to those I shared it with. I am so grateful for their time and trust in working with me. It is such a gift to now be offering this process as a public product in varying degrees. This is just my way, and I have learned and followed some amazing teachers and mentors that have shared with me, products and processes that have taken me and my life to a level of confidence and security that I could have never imagined.

I am not a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, interventionist, psychophysicist or any other ist’s… not a doctor or nutritionist or any of those either. I am a guy that found himself at 36 years old at the gates of hell in my personal life and professional life and surrendered to the fact that I didn’t know how to live but I still had a strong desire to do so… I just didn’t know how. Well I asked and I got all the help in the world and my life is extremely fulfilling today and people want to know how I was able to change from an alcoholic/drug addict to a productive member of society that loves his life and loves helping others. I am extremely blessed. Life Launch is a way for me to share a way of living that gives you your power back. It gives you a grateful heart. It gives you choices and accountability for your own actions. Life launch is a guidebook and a pathway.Life Launch helps you create results you will feel blessed to have.

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